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How to speed up Internet Connection Smartphone Android

How to speed up Internet connection Android Smartphone - Nowadays most young people now prefer to switch to using sophisticated smartphones that are now so many different variants and the price is very affordable. Most Smartphone Users prefer using a smartphone based on Android, perhaps because the technology is sophisticated and also more modern

How to speed up Internet connection Android

The sophistication and simplicity android Smartphone is very interesting to buy it, the constraints experienced by users in the field sometimes make smartphones sometimes do not work in the best performance, Especially for internet connection in some countries with not stable internet connection. Sometimes you may feel why how your Internet connection is not maximal or too slow and make angry, whereas the quality of your android smartphone is pretty good and no doubt in terms of toughness. For that maybe some tips to increase your internet connection for android can be useful to you.

Here are some tips to improve your Android Internet connection:

1. Check regularly the browser you use, periodically Clear Cache and History in the browser of your smartphone, with cleaning cache and browser history can be increase speed browsing on your browser application

2. To increase the speed of Internet connections android, you can use the browser more stable and lighter. With so many browsers nowadays are all good, but for most of the android smartphone suggests using opera mini browser is quite stable and simple as well as on the opera mini is also available features / Plugin opera turbo

3. In addition to improving internet speed android you can also use some sort of application that is able to increase the speed of the network such as the Internet Speed Booster app that you can download for free on google play store

4. Choose the mobile operator has a good signal coverage in your area and also when you buy internet packages buy a nice package

5. If the above are still not enough, you can take the next option is through Wi-Fi. You can singgahi certain places there wifinya hotspot for free. In addition to free usually places that provide wifi hotspot has a good internet speed, but it also depends on the number of users who use wifi.

Maybe it's just that I can write this time, even though perhaps still the basic tricks and may be standard but hopefully it can give you an option to increase internet connection android smartphone

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