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How to transfer music from computer to iphone

How to Insert song or video to iPhone, iPad and iPod - for beginners who are using smartphone apple for first time may be a little confused as to how to put songs to iphone from PC (Computer). Unlike other smartphones based on android or windows that are easier to copy and paste a song or video to a smartphone, for IOS-based then you need a software called iTunes. So in this article we will discuss how to put songs into iphone using itunes.

How to transfer music from computer to iphone

The Easy Way to Copy songs from laptop to Iphone

Devices such as Iphone, Ipad or Ipod own operating system IOS, where IOS is different and has a level of security that is very nice in many ways including on how to copy songs or photos to iphone using computer you need itunes, itunes itself is an application that is able to organizing and simultaneously is also used to buy the song on iTunes store, in addition itunes Can also be used as a music player application.

How to Move a track from Computer to iPhone commonly called Sync, the synchronization between the data in the computer / PC with IOS and or vice versa, so that later when you have installed iTunes on the laptop then when the iPhone is connected will automatically synchronize the data , Okay before we begin how to copy a song or video to iphone you must first download iTunes (you can search on google). After that you can follow the steps below:

1. Install iTunes on your computer until finish / complete,
2. then after that run itunes
3. Next Step you entered in the library - go to the music
4. Then go to File - Add file to library - Choose songs that will be put to the Iphone
5. After the songs to be copied to the Iphone been the next step is to connect your iPhone to your PC / laptop.
6. After your Iphone is detected, go to your device - then select them on the Music tab (to copy music to iphone from) - Movies Tab (to copy video to iphone) - Tab Photos (To Copy Photos to Iphone) - arrange according to your wishes , then click apply / sync (can also via File - Devices - Sync) and wait until the process is complete.

Cara Memasukkan Lagu atau Video ke iPhone, iPad dan iPod menggunakan itunes -1

Cara Memasukkan Lagu atau Video ke iPhone, iPad dan iPod menggunakan itunes -2

Cara Memasukkan Lagu atau Video ke iPhone, iPad dan iPod menggunakan itunes -3

Cara Memasukkan Lagu atau Video ke iPhone, iPad dan iPod menggunakan itunes -4

Cara Memasukkan Lagu atau Video ke iPhone, iPad dan iPod menggunakan itunes -5

Now that's more or less about how to put songs from laptop to iphone, to the latest version of iTunes may be a little different for preview menu and etc. but overall to copy file to iphone is same, you can using itunes. Just add files to the library then later in sync.

Good luck.. maybe this article about how to copy songs or music files and video to iphone via computer using Itunes, if not work try again and again until certainly can

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