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Tips Accelerating Performance Android Smartphone

Tips to Improve the Performance of Android smartphone - android smartphone is very popular mobile phone model for young people today, not only it can be said objects android smartphone compulsory for young people today so they not outdated. For smartphone users you may often experience or encounter where is your Android smartphone are getting the performance is getting slower and sometimes makes angry for slow respond. Well post the following may be helpful to you.

 Tips Accelerating Performance Android Smartphone

Tips to Improve Performance Android Smartphone

Smartphone slow loading certainly very annoying, sometimes you have to wait a while just to type in some text and much more waiting time loading applications. At a time like this you need some optimization for your mobile phone so your smartphone can work optimally, at least can be faster than the previous conditions.

Delete / Delete shortcuts and widgets is not important

Shortcut is an icon which will allow us to reach a particular feature or application, but use too much also will slightly affect the use of resources. It would be nice to use shortcut / widget that only important for used

Reduce unnecessary applications

The applicability of the application is not required in addition to reducing the memory can also affect the performance of your android, because of each of those applications will always have an influence on the performance of your android phone. So it would be nice if we discard the applications that are not needed and leaving only the applications that are actually used and important for us.

Clear Cache on each of your applications

The longer the application you use, the greater the existing cache on the application. With many existing cache also affects also the use of the resources available in your phone. To clear the cache, you can via the option in the settings of each application. But if you do not want complicated, you can use an application called Cache Cleaner, with the application then you will be easier to be able to remove a wide range of existing cache on the applications installed on your phone.

Setting the background data usage.

You would have to know there are a wide variety of applications that require the use of data in realtime that not only takes your internet quota but also cut mobile phone battery resources and could also slow down the performance of the phone anyway. Usually there are some apps like facebook, twitter or email. You can set at the settings for application.

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