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Some benefit use free blog blogspot

What are the advantages of a blogspot blog - there are many advantages blogspot from bloggers, although seem free, but you can custom domain so your blog can looks more professional with extension .com, .net, .info etc. and Change the layout or change the blog template with your favorite template and seem more professional and pleasing to look at so that visitors will linger in your blog.

Some benefit use free blog blogspot

Advantages of Using a free blog on blogspot, many are wondering, why the blogspot so much demand and recommended to free blog, the many other free blog.A reason Preferring to use blogspot of bloggers, who first is Free.

Easy to use, not just free blogspot is also a very easy to use (User Friendly) so for those of you who are unfamiliar with bloging can be easy to learn the contents and functions that exist in it. So for those of you beginners who want to create a blog, then blogspot could be your first place to learn.

Unlimited Bandwidth, with hosts free from blogspot, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth at no extra charge for it. This means that if you blog are overwhelmed with traffic then you do not need to worry because it was handled with full bandwidth. if you use / create a self hosted his own by renting, then sometimes there are some providers that limit your bandwith and if high traffic and bandwith depleted yes exhausted already, you should contact the admin and select add or upgrade packs or other solutions.

Blogspot Template options available vary and Many Free, With so many options blogspot templates will make you have many choices, so that the display your blog more beautiful and handsome and appealing. besides it is also widely available blogspot templates are free. you can edit or add some modifications to the template, in accordance with the policy or license of which makes the templater.

Blogspot Very SEO Friendly, Search Engine Optimization, or better known as Tips and tricks SEO, is an activity to maximize your website position in search engine results, thereby allowing your website will appear on a page first search result. The goal of SEO is to make a website appear at the forefront and have more potential to be visited by the search information so that traffic will overflow and thus has a greater potential for you (if your blog is an online store) for the purchase of goods that you offer on your blog. Seo blogspot very friendly, in my opinion. with tenacity and the use of techniques that qualified not impossible blogspot appear on page one beat the other blog.

Support with JavaScript
for those of you who want to add some specific functions by using javascript, then blogspot very support. because a lot of widgets or other functions that use javascript, so you can be more creative in developing your blogspot.

Make Easy posting
you are not too dizzy, because in terms of look I think blogspot very easy to understand. there can add a wide variety of information, image or video as well and in addition you can also post articles directly or can be via email

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