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What is google adsense

What is google adsense - if viewed from the name we already know that google adsense is one part of google. Google Adsense is an advertising service online which allows cooperation between the publisher (owner of the blog / website) to be able to serve ads from the advertiser, so here adsense bridge you as a website owner to be able to serve specific ads that later you can get a commission based on the number of clicks made on your website.

What is google adsense

the definition of google adsense

a lot of companies are trying to introduce their product or services to the public, with the competition more and more, with this condition a company must conduct a more effective campaign. Along with the development as technology advances the promotion is not only done with just the print media, on the other hand the advance growth of the Internet and its users also make promotional techniques is growing. Currently Promotions can also be done by using the Internet, well this is where the actual google adsense role, which the company wants to advertise its products through google then google recruit publishers of the bloggers who are already eligible to show their ads. An online promotional campaign is considered more saves than offline because the ads are published able to be viewed from various directions and more people who see your ad. for advertisers who are interested to try to advertise on google could visit / create google adwords account first ( in this way the possibility of your products known to many people are also getting bigger.

Google adsense is intended for bloggers / website owners who want to earn extra income by showing ads from google adsense.

How to apply google adsense

To join as a publisher (publisher adsense) then you need a website or blog to be registered and you are also required to have a gmail email account. Note google adsense have legislation that is tight enough to receive a website that will display their ads, so make sure you build a good website and better you also read the rules before registering.

Getting money from adsense

If you are already registered as an adsense publisher, then you're ready to earn money from the internet. You can put your adsense ad code on your site, the amount of income depends on the number of ad clicks that occur on your website, the more visitor, the more enlarge your income because too many potential click advertising is also better. But keep in mind you are not required to click on the ads themselves, because it is forbidden, do not break the rules if you want your adsense account durable.

Payment Adsense

If your income has reached a certain limit, you can pick it up through Wastern union, on dasboart google adsense you can set your own arrangements for payout. You can set the minimum amount of money to be taken and the way you take the money.

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