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How to Export from CorelDraw with a Transparent Background

How to Export to a Transparent Image (Png) with Corel Draw - How to Export to Image Transparant (Png) with Corel Draw - images with transparent background are sometimes needed for some needs, especially for those of you who like blogging or design you sometimes need a transparent png file for a need, this transparant PNG file has many advantages No need to trouble ngecrop. This time I want to share how to export the design from corel draw to png format (transparent picture).

First open the design file using corel draw, then you can select object that you want to export to png,after that you can go to menu file - export, choose png format and check selected only

How to Export from CorelDraw with a Transparent Background
How to Export from CorelDraw with a Transparent Background - convert to bitmap

Set preferences according to your taste on the dpi resolution / you can test self, More high resolution will better quality but can make large file size, on the option check the transparent background

Because if not checked then the results are not transparent and this is the most important part, because with or through this section you can determine the quality of the output file from the png file, for the purposes of blogging should set as needed, if for printing purposes use a large resolution to avoid bad quality files when printing. So the feeling is also needed to determine the output file so as not too big or too small, you can see the preview on the photo above

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