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How To Save Corel Files And Its Fonts - Anticipate Missing Fonts

Anticipate Missing Font with How to Save Corel File and its Font - a corel draw document in which contain one or more nonstandard fonts / not installed on the computer, then when you open on that computer it will happen / display a message informing that The computer is not available fonts that exist on the document, commonly called "Missing Font". Although we can anticipate it by converting the fonts, but this way is less effective if the document still needs to be edited in the next time.

How To Anticipate Missing Font On Corel Draw

Well, if the document Corel Draw is still in the process of editing, then you should not be converted first. It would be nice we use this way, that is by storing the document with the font at once. So if one day there is missing font, then all you have to do is install the font that has been included.

Well, to be able to save a document Corel Draw with his font, only need to use few steps only

First, first open a corel draw document ..
Then after that, go to the menu File -> Prepare for Service Bureau Wizard

How To Save Corel Files And Its Fonts - Anticipate Missing Fonts1
How To Save Corel Files And Its Fonts - Anticipate Missing Fonts 2
How To Save Corel Files And Its Fonts - Anticipate Missing Fonts 3

Well, for Generate File Pdf is optional, if you want to include the PDF file, then you can tick this option.

Click next, next again and follow the instructions until the process is complete.

Well, save the file in a folder. Then when you want to bring the file then you just copy the folder that includes corel files, txt files, font files and pdf files (optional)
Good luck, apologize if the language is a bit less tidy

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