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How to Make Online shop website for free

How to Make Online shop for free - today said online businesses using the online shop has been very often we hear, even those who are already success stories in the online shop plunge increasingly widely heard. online store is a place where you can put your merchandise in order to be seen by a wider market by using the internet and the website as a container. To create a website yourself you can choose from several options that you can use, you can create a website online with spent some money or could also create a website that is completely free, meaning there no need a hosting the rental fee charged.

Creating your own online store for free

To make a good website does not necessarily have to cost an expensive, with the cost / capital is fairly mediocre then in fact we've been able to create a nice website and appealing look and can be used as a blog for online sales

To create a free online store website you can use a blogspot. You need to know Blogger is a free blog platform owned google blogspot where you can use this to create an online store or to the other and you can also custom domain, so your blog look more professional and more trusted by potential consumers. To use blogspot course you must meet pre-determined rules, that means you do not use blogspot for breaking / making websites that violate existing rules.

The advantage of using blogspot to make them shop online is that you can enjoy the facilities free of charge. Free hosting and you do not have to worry about bandwidth your visitors not strong enough to bear the many visitors who come to your blog. It's very different when you are using a paid hosting which sometimes gives a certain amount of bandwidth limit visitor.

Then the other benefits that come from creating an online store with blogspot is the availability of a variety of templates that you can download for free on the internet, so in case you are not satisfied with the default template blogger, you can replace it with favorite template that you can find and get it on the internet.

Ease of Custom domain, to create a website online shop you look more professional and trusted by potential customers by changing the domain name with .com or other. So after you perform a custom domain is the domain you've no frills .blogspot again, so by replacing you blog with the .com domain is certainly potential consumers to have more confidence, but to perform a custom domain you need the additional funds to purchase the domain. For those of you who have not been able to buy a domain name, for starters use sub domain blogspot were not anything.

To create a blog on blogger you only need a gmail email account, so before making your blogspot first must have a gmail email account, the account that will be used to login on your blogger account.

After you select and set the template, the next step is to write the article / post about something you are selling the blog. Should you make a post with interesting and explain in detail what you have to offer, so that prospective buyers who come to the online store you can understand and know exactly what you are selling.

Next step is to do promotion to drive traffic to your online store, to bring visitor traffic you can do promotions through social media that exist today such as facebook, twitter or instagram and other social media. Another way to bring targeted visitors to your online store is to do SEO techniques. By using SEO techniques your website is expected to be on the front page of search results keywords that you have targeted. Another way you can direct promotion by using Google adwords or also through advertising on Facebook, of course, with a method of advertising via facebook or adwords spent a certain amount of money. However, if you are observant you can blow up sales with advertising methods such as googel ads / fb ads and now you can begin to learn that we make the ads on google adwords or facebook can be more efficient, but there are tricks to be learned.

after the online store create the post in the online shop and promotions, the last step is wait for the results and make your website better and better

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