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Blogger Dashboard and its Functions

Get to know the parts of the Blogger Dashboard and its Functions - the blogger dashboard is an initial page where you first log in to a blogger account, through this dashboard page you can manage and manage or manage blogspot blogs that you already have on the blogger account, hopefully with the tutorial knows the blogger dashboard and this function you can more easily understand the functions of each menu in the blogger dashboard.

Blogger Dashboard and its usage function

the dasboard blogger that I will discuss this time is divided into two parts, for the first part when you first create a blogger account it will look like this

Blogger Dashboard and its Functions

for the dashboard the first part is like the preview above, then for the information we will describe as follows:

- No. 1, for the part marked with number 1 is the name of the blog owner
- No. 2, for this section is the name of the gmail profile / google plus profile
- No. 3 you can use to set language settings and blogger option settings
- No. 4, for part number 4 this is to create a new blogspot blog, so when you click this button you can create a new blog
- No. 5, in section number 5 is a list of blogs that you already have on the account

the next dashboard (second dashboard), which is the dashboard when you are on the dashboard page of one of your blogs. the preview is more or less like the picture below:

Blogger Dashboard and its Functions

- No. 1: to create a new entry (new post)
- Nos. 2 and 6: have the same function that is to see all your blog posts
- No. 3: to see your blog
- No. 4: is the title of your blog
- No. 5: to find out the details / summary of what happened in the blog
- No. 7: to make and manage all pages (pages) that you have
- No. 8: to see comments that have been published or those that need to be moderated and comments entered in the spam forlder

- No. 9: is to set up after google plus (synchronic blogger and google +)
- No. 10 is to find out the details of the blog's statistics
- No. 11 is the part where you can choose the option whether your blog will join as a google adsense publisher
- No. 12 is for advertising purposes using Google Adwords so that more coverage you can get (pay)
- No. 14 to set the layout of your blog (gadget layout et al)

- No. 15 is a section to be able to make arrangements on the blog such as title, search preferences and many more afterwards and you can try them one by one

the most important part when the tutorial tips and tricks is that you also have to practice too so that you can understand more easily,

okay, try and learn blogspot


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