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How to Change Colored Photos to Black and White with corel draw

How to Change Colored Photos to Black and White with corel draw - you who just learned Corel Draw can easily edit full color photos into black and white photos (1 color), with just a few clicks you are able to change them. because corel draw is quite capable of editing a photo even though it is not as complete as its features when compared to adobe photoshop but corel draw is at least able to provide several photo edits for things we often encounter.

Change the full color image to black and white with corel draw

Although now the era has been sophisticated and advanced and the existence of black and white format photos is almost extinct, but for some people black and white photos have their own effects and sometimes become attractive to them. Photo 1 Wana looks more classic but interesting, well for those of you who will wrestle the Corel Draw design you will often find a 1 color design.

for example this time I use GP photo, you can freely use the photo or other.

open your corel draw application then create a new document ..

then you can import the image that you have prepared earlier into corel draw ... (to import images can press ctrl + i or can be via File - Import)

after the photo is entered into a new document, then you can click on the photo then enter the Bitmap menu - Convert to bitmap

for settings you can set the resolution up to you (as needed) then for the color mode you can choose grayscale ... then click OK ..
and see the results.

the difference in results you can see the photo below:

after you finish, you can export the file to jpg so that it can be easily opened on all computers that don't even have corel draw, or if you don't want to export it, it's ok, in this step you have succeeded and finished ...

if you want to export to JPG you can go through the file menu - export ... then put it where you want to save it.

how easy it is to make it, you can use this method for other photos or other objects that you want to change the color to black and white


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