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How to Maximize SEO Website blog

Ways To be able to maximize SEO blog or website - search engine optimization or often referred to as SEO is an integral part of a website, the existence of SEO is very important to be able to get targeted visitors from search engines such as Google or Yahoo or Bing etc. Especially for those of you who only rely on SEO to bring visitors to your blog. SEO itself is an activity to be able to optimize the position of our website in the eyes of search engine search results, by getting a good position on the search engines, the chances of our website getting potential targeted visitors will be even greater, and if your website is an online store website or other selling website This is a distinct advantage because visitors who come purely from search engines and are indeed looking for keywords in your blog, visitors who are in need of the information on your website.

How to improve website SEO in search engines

The development of SEO techniques is growing, the way that was very powerful to maximize searches on search engines is now using and not too much effect when applied so that we must always constantly upgrade the knowledge of SEO from time to time to ensure the development of SEO today and not using seo techniques that use. So actually there is no standard way to always be in Page One search engines, we as bloggers at least observe and do business and hope to influence our blog. Here are some of the points that we cannot do the most to increase our website's SEO

Backlink itself is a text or image link that leads to our website. Backlinks are considered to have good strength to be able to improve the quality of our website's SEO and affect search engine search results, especially good backlinks from websites that have a large DA and PA. The point is that the backlinks that we have to look for are backlinks from sites that are good and not illegal so as to enable good results for our website. In looking for backlinks we should not be blind in looking for backlinks, do it regularly and so that your backlinks will look natural, like if we are friends with many famous and great people and often join them then it is not possible for general people to think of us as people that's great too ... hehe ... more or less like that

Internal Link
Almost the same as backlinks, but for interlinks itself is a link that leads to another page on your website, so this link is the source of your own website (not from another website). With the interlinks on your website it is possible to reduce the Bounce rate of your website, the small bounce rate allows your website's page view to increase.
With the interrelated internal links it will also make it easier for visitors to be able to read other articles on your website that are still related to what the reader is seeing.

Fill in the Website (Content)
Content websites play an important role for your website, even some say content is king. A good article is an article that usually consists of several elements, including text, images and videos. But that does not mean that content that has no bad images or videos or is unable to compete on search engines, is all full of possibilities but it would be nice to be able to support / provide good features for readers, so images and videos are needed so that visitors can understand more about the topic. be read.
Make good articles and are really intended for human readers, meaning that we write indeed with the aim of writing that can be understood by the reader and have value for the readers, not outsmarting search engines with the many existing keywords. Make articles naturally and not excessive. Make articles that are easy to read by visitors and can be understood by visitors

Website Loading Speed
Blog loading speed of course will increase its own satisfaction for visitors on your website, imagine if there are visitors who visit your website, but loading your website is very slow, of course, this will make your readers. Creating a website that is easily accessible / fast loading and so it is easy to crawl by search engines and certainly makes visitors feel at home allowing visitors to be able to return to visit your website. You can try test pagespeed at


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