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How to Write an SEO Friendly article

How to Make Quality Articles and SEO Friendly - A website without articles is like a book that has never been used for writing, is empty and has no value that can be obtained from the book. For this reason, the need for a kit to fill our website with useful article content so that our website can continue to be a reference and of course in accordance with our goal to create the website. The existence of articles is very important for the continuity of the website especially from visitors, the more often we update the article, the more likely it is that our website is visited by many visitors.

How to make SEO-quality website articles

Good articles are also determinants of success in terms of getting visitors from search engines such as google because we know the content is king. Google is now more concerned with content that is truly weighty and useful for its seekers. If the content on your website is good and feels very high value then it is possible for search engines to bring a lot of visitors to your website. Because seo elements are obtained not only from SEO Offpage, but from SEO onpage on your website, especially the content of your website articles.

Make articles that are easy to read by visitors
Make articles with descriptions that are really good to understand, articles that are easy to read by visitors and of course the content does not confuse visitors, allowing visitors to be able to read other interesting articles, because visitors feel helped by articles on your website. The complete article and not make the reader confused in articulating the content is certainly a special plus in the eyes of the reader. Besides that, search engines prefer content that is intended to satisfy visitors, so if your article is considered to satisfy visitors, then most likely search engines also consider your blog to be worthy of being on page one.

Add supporting images and videos
Although not by default, but at least by adding an image or supporting video to your article, it will certainly increase the success of your article to be accepted / understood by readers, so by being able to provide new knowledge for readers, your website can indirectly produce a content that is good and quite reliable contents, visitor satisfaction increases then the possibility of search engines trusting your website is also getting bigger. For the image itself to be more optimized it would be better if you add the title tag and alt tag and optimize the image name and url image so that if one day there are visitors who come from Google image search then it is possible that your image also appears because it has been optimized.

Give emphasis to certain parts
Emphasizing what is meant is by giving the bold, italic, the right or other H1, H2 title in the text that is considered primary so that it looks neat and makes it easy for the reader to be able to classify the parts that are read. Take, for example, you read a book that only texts everything without being separated / grouped, the main part will certainly be more unpleasant to read, and also quite boring.

Add another related link
Besides your good content you can also add other references in the article so that visitors can explore more what they are reading, allowing visitors to understand and increase information. You can add an internal link or you can also reference articles from other websites that have good quality in order to increase knowledge from the readers themselves.


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