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List of Tools for free and popular SEO

List of Tools for SEO is free and best - before knowing what tools are often used for SEO, let us first to find out what the SEO actually is. Simply put SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization where we try to maximize the position of our website in search engine search results in a way that is not excessive and does not violate the provisions of each Search Engine. This SEO is also an effort to bring visitors to our website. That is briefly what is meant by SEO.

What are the free SEO tools

You are just plunging into the world of blogging or want to try to learn SEO so that you can maximize the visitors who come to your website, you can use some free tools which of course you can maximize its use so that it can achieve maximum results. It is undeniable for some well-known SEO tools that it requires more funds to be able to use it and the results are quite satisfying for those who can use it well

Google Webmasters
This is a tool provided by Google where we can see some statistics that are considered important for our website, by looking at some of these statistics, of course, can be a separate point for us to be able to polish which parts are considered lacking and we must improve in the future so that our website more seo friendly. Some data that you can see and take advantage of through google webmasters tools are: see website backlik, find out the number of pages that are error, find out the number of indexes to our website, find out the number of queries indexed and find out the average position of our website on search engines and you also can see and check the acceleration of your website using the google speedgrade page. So to be able to use the Google Webmasters et al facility you must have at least a Gmail account.

Google Keyword Planner
Another free facility provided by Google that we can maximize to be able to maximize and search for the source of posts that attract lots of visitors. You can use keywordplanner, you can do a good keyword research using Google keyword planner and you can also see the estimated value of cpc and the number of monthly searches for that keyword. You want to use the keyword planner you can go to provided you have a google account.

Open Site Explorer
In general, Opensite explorer you can use to check the number of backlinks that point to your website, not only that you can also check backlinks from your competitors. Open site explorer also called OSE is a fairly complete online tool, besides checking backlinks you can also find out the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA). Some other features that you can know are knowing top pages, domain linking, anchor text, Compare Link Metrics, spam analysis and so on. For open site explorer there are also addons, you can install it in your browser so that when you visit a site, you will immediately know how many PAs and DAs the website is. Of course, because this is free, so for some features, not all of them can be used optimally, to be able to use more functions you can become a pro member.

In general, SimmilarWeb is an online tool that you can use to analyze a site, now using simmilarweb you can at least find out some important enough points to use as your data in viewing a website.

Internet Marketing Ninja SEO
Other options to be able to utilize online tools that are pretty good include Internet Marketing Ninja SEO, you can find some aspects that might be useful there

Wordstream Free Keyword Tools
By using this tool you can take advantage of several functions including the function to research keywords and see also the opposing keywords, complete enough for those who want to find keywords related to et al and of course to be maximized by us but the best results remain if we use paid accounts .

A tool that you can use to find out the anchor text and the link.


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